A Most Peculiar Test Drive - Follow Up

Yesterday, The New York Times reversed its opinion on the review of our Model S and no longer believes that it was an accurate account of what happened. After investigating the facts surrounding the test drive, the Public Editor agreed that John Broder had “problems with precision and judgment," “took casual and imprecise notes” and made “few conclusions that are unassailable.”

We would like to thank Margaret Sullivan and The New York Times for looking into this matter and thoughtfully considering the public evidence, as well as additional evidence provided on background. A debt of appreciation is also owed to other media outlets, such as CNN, CNBC, and Consumer Reports, who repeated The New York Times test drive at normal highway speeds and comfortable cabin temperatures without ever running out of range.

But, most of all, we would like to thank our customers, who rallied immediately to the defense of Tesla and the electric car revolution, sending hundreds of heartfelt letters of support to The New York Times in the space of a few days! Entirely of their own volition, several customers spent the past holiday weekend recreating the Broder test drive route and showing that it can be done easily using the Tesla Supercharger network on the East Coast. You guys are awesome!

The bottom line is that the Model S combined with Supercharging works well for a long road trip, even in a cold, snowy winter. Nonetheless, we will keep increasing the number of Superchargers, improving the software in the car (via over the air updates), and the technology behind the Supercharger itself. Without people even having to think about it or Tesla having to physically touch the car, the free long distance travel enabled by our Superchargers will steadily improve with each passing month.



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I am glad to see Tesla and the Model-S vindicated.



Space X Technology and Tesla Motors who can really argue with that?
The future is renewable and electric, zero emissions: "cradle to grave". It will not be long before we have all parts of manufacture powered by renewables and the recycling of precious metals to reduce mining impacts.
A pity the fossil fuel head in the program "Top Gear" got away with his statement about the future of electric cars. Not for long eh?

I have been waiting for a car without an exhaust pipe since 1974! No ICE will ever be the solution to our air pollution. Air is 78% nitrogen, burning any fuel at high temperatures will always produce noxious NOx compounds which are very hard to filter 100%. Will Tesla start building TRUCKS with no exhaust? Please....

The opening sequence to the 1982 film "Blade Runner" showed a very polluted Los Angeles in 2019. I'm glad that future did not happen. Beijing looks like it though!
The Chinese citizens were not happy when the 2008 Olympics finished. Their skies went back to black...