Driving for Change at COP15

Roadster at Hopenhagen Tesla spent two weeks in Copenhagen for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Dec 7 to Dec 18. We spread the word about Tesla Motors to climate change experts, policymakers, journalists, and fans. We decided to exhibit the Roadsters on the streets of "Hopenhagen". We wanted to demonstrate that zero emissions vehicles are a reality, and show that the Roadster is capable of driving in severe weather conditions – snow, rain and freezing temperatures. Over the course of the two weeks at COP15, the only things we needed were an electrical outlet and a few car washes. We did about 400 drives around town. Roadster at Hopenhagen The event saw the biggest lineup of Teslas in Europe to date – 10 Roadsters. U.S. Ambassador Laurie S. Fulton invited Tesla Motors to a reception for California Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa also attended the event. A pair of Tesla Roadsters welcomed the guests at the red carpet entrance. Guests included heads of state, ministers, and business leaders. Roadster at Hopenhagen Virgin CEO Richard Branson chose a Tesla Roadster as his car service for the event. He became so fond of the car, he insisted on driving it himself - and provided rides for other high-level international VIPs. He drove a Radiant Red Roadster - to match the Virgin brand! UN Secretary-General Bang Ki-Moon was offered a ride, but like Branson, asked to drive it himself. We were thrilled to be a part of such a noteworthy event. See more photos here.




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Brian H

Hear, hear! Tesla can surf over and past the AGW nonsense.
Speaking of nonsense ... even a coal plant is more efficient than an ICE machine.
Prezakly. Well spoke!
Sensible, but wrong. Surplus trumps conservation when it comes to energy. Check out focusfusion.org and lawrencevilleplasmaphysics.com -- the project is proceeding apace, and will rewrite the global economy within about 5 years.

Every green and conventional power alternative will be economically cut off at the knees by a 20:1 to 100:1 competitive disadvantage.

Tom A.

Thanks, Ben - excellent comment. Yes, from "well to wheel", Teslas are by far more efficient overall, as well as the cleanest, not only in terms of emissions, but also in overall waste (no leaking oil, no oil changes, no air and oil filters to throw away/replace, etc.).

Also, along Ben's comments - energy isn't free. There is going to be waste, from the nasty compounds and byproducts in solar cell manufacture, spent nuclear fuel, colossal ecosystem disruptions caused by hydro, etc. Efficiency is good, and it is essential to push the envelope as much as possible. I'm going to reserve a Model S this Spring.

However, the only real solution to the real, true, impending energy and pollution crises is that we just have to use less - combine trips, carpool, take public transportation, etc. Conservation is just as critical as well-to-wheel efficiency.

OK, I'll get off my soapbox now and pass the hat...